All Suits Tarot Cards Table

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love, new feelings, emotional awakening, creativity, spirituality, intuition


coldness, emptiness, emotional loss, blocked creativity, feeling unloved, gloominess

clarity, breakthrough, new idea, concentration, vision, force, focus, truth


confusion, miscommunication, hostility, arguments, destruction, brutality

new opportunities, resources, abundance, prosperity, security, stability, manifestation


missed chances, scarcity, deficiency, instability, stinginess, bad investments

inspiration, creative spark, new initiative, new passion, enthusiasm, energy


delays, blocks, lack of passion, lack of energy, hesitancy, creative blocks


unity, partnership, attraction, connection, close bonds, joining forces, mutual respect


separation, rejection, division, imbalance, tension, bad communication, withdrawal

stalemate, difficult choices, stuck in the middle, denial, hidden information


indecision, hesitancy, anxiety, too much information, no right choice, truth revealed

balancing resources, adaptation, resourcefulness, flexibility, stretching resources


imbalance, unorganized, overwhelmed, messiness, chaos, overextending

planning, first steps, making decisions, leaving comfort, taking risks


bad planning, overanalyzing, not taking action, playing it safe, avoiding risk


friendship, community, gatherings, celebrations, group events, social events


gossip, scandal, excess, isolation, loneliness, solitude, imbalanced social life

heartbreak, separation, sadness, grief, sorrow, upset, loss, trauma, tears


healing, forgiveness, recovery, reconciliation, repressing emotions

teamwork, shared goals, collaboration, apprenticeship, effort, pooling energy


lack of cohesion, lack of teamwork, apathy, poor motivation, conflict, ego, competition

momentum, confidence, expansion, growth, foresight, looking ahead


restriction, limitations, lack of progress, obstacles, delays, frustration


apathy, contemplation, feeling disconnected, melancholy, boredom, indifference, discontent


clarity, awareness, acceptance, choosing happiness, depression, negativity

rest, relaxation, peace, sanctuary, recuperation, self-protection, rejuvenation


recovery, awakening, re-entering world, release from isolation, restlessness, burnout

possessiveness, insecurity, hoarding, stinginess, stability, security, savings, materialism, wealth, frugality, boundaries, guardedness


generosity, giving, spending, openness, financial insecurity, reckless spending

community, home, celebrations, reunions, parties, gatherings, stability, belonging


lack of support, instability, feeling unwelcome, transience, lack of roots, home conflict


loss, grief, disappointment, sadness, mourning, discontent, feeling let down


acceptance, moving on, finding peace, contentment, seeing positives

arguments, disputes, aggression, bullying, intimidation, conflict, hostility, stress


reconciliation, resolution, compromise, revenge, regret, remorse, cutting losses

hardship, loss, isolation, feeling abandoned, adversity, struggle, unemployment, alienation, disgrace


positive changes, recovery from loss, overcoming adversity, forgiveness, feeling welcomed

conflict, competition, arguments, aggression, tension, rivals, clashes of ego


end of conflict, cooperation, agreements, truces, harmony, peace, avoiding conflict


nostalgia, memories, familiarity, healing, comfort, sentimentality, pleasure


stuck in past, moving forward, leaving home, independence

moving on, departure, leaving behind, distance, accepting lessons


stuck in past, returning to trouble, running away from problems, trapped

generosity, charity, community, material help, support, sharing, giving and receiving, gratitude


power dynamics, abuse of generosity, strings attached gifts, inequality, extortion

success, victory, triumph, rewards, recognition, praise, acclaim, pride


failure, lack of recognition, no rewards, lack of achievement


choices, searching for purpose, illusion, fantasy, daydreaming, wishful thinking, indecision


ack of purpose, disarray, confusion, diversion, distractions, clarity, making choices

lies, trickery, scheming, strategy, resourcefulness,sneakiness, cunning


confession, conscience, regret, maliciousness, truth reveale

harvest, rewards, results, growth, progress, perseverance, patience, planning


unfinished work, procrastination, low effort, waste, lack of growth, setbacks, impatience, lack of reward

protectiveness, standing up for yourself, defending yourself, protecting territory


giving up, admitting defeat, yielding, lack of self belief, surrender


abandonment, walking away, letting go, searching for truth, leaving behind


stagnation, monotony, accepting less, avoidance, fear of change, staying in bad situation

trapped, restricted, victimised, paralysed, helpless, powerless, imprisonment


freedom, release, taking control, survivor, facing fears, empowered, surrender

skill, talent, craftsmanship, quality, high standards, expertise, mastery, commitment, dedication, accomplishment


lack of quality, rushed job, bad reputation, lack of motivation, mediocrity, laziness, low skill, dead-end job

movement, speed, progress, quick decisions, sudden changes, excitement


waiting, slowness, chaos, delays, losing momentum, hastiness, being unprepared


wishes coming true, contentment, satisfaction, success, achievements, recognition, pleasure


unhappiness, lack of fulfilment, disappointment, underachievement, arrogance, snobbery

fear, anxiety, negativity, breaking point, despair, nightmares, isolation


recovery, learning to cope, facing life, finding help, shame, guilt, mental health issues

rewarded efforts, success, achievement, independence, leisure, material security, self-sufficiency


being guarded, living beyond means, material instability, reckless spending, superficiality

last stand, persistence, grit, resilience, perseverance, close to success, fatigue


stubbornness, rigidity, defensiveness, refusing compromise, giving up


happiness, homecomings, fulfillment, emotional stability, security, domestic harmony


unhappy home, separation, domestic conflict, disharmony, isolation​

ruin, failure, bitterness, collapse, exhaustion, dead end, victimization, betrayal


survival, improvement, healing, lessons learned, despair, relapse

legacy, roots, family, ancestry, inheritance, windfall, foundations, privilege, affluence, stability, tradition


family disputes, bankruptcy, debt, fleeting success, conflict over money, instability, breaking traditions

burden, responsibility, duty, stress, obligation, burning out, struggles


failure to delegate, shouldering too much responsibility, collapse, breakdown


idealism, sensitivity, dreamer, naivete, innocence, inner child, head in the clouds


emotional vulnerability, immaturity, neglecting inner child, escapism, insecurity

curious, witty, chatty, communicative, inspired, vigilant, alert, mental agility


scatterbrained, cynical, sarcastic, gossipy, insulting, rude, lack of planning

ambitious, diligent, goal oriented, planner, consistent, star student, studious, grounded, loyal, faithful, dependable


foolish, immature, irresponsible, lazy, underachiever, procrastinator, missed chances, poor prospects

adventure, excitement, fresh ideas, cheerfulness, energetic, fearless, extroverted


hasty, impatient, lacking ideas, tantrums, laziness, boring, unreliable, distracted


idealist, charming, artistic, graceful, tactful, diplomatic, mediator, negotiator


disappointment, tantrums, moodiness, turmoil, avoiding conflict, vanity

assertive, direct, impatient, intellectual, daring, focused, perfectionist, ambitious


rude, tactless, forceful, bully, aggressive, vicious, ruthless, arrogant

ractical, reliable, efficient, stoic, slow and steady, hard-working, committed, patient, conservative


workaholic, laziness, dull, boring, no initiative, cheap, irresponsible, gambler, risky investments

courageous, energetic, charming, hero, rebellious, hot tempered, free spirit


arrogant, reckless, impatient, lack of self control, passive, volatile, domineering


compassion, warmth, kindness, intuition, healer, counsellor, supportive


insecurity, giving too much, overly-sensitive, needy, fragile, dependence, martyrdom

honest, independent, principled, fair, constructive criticism, objective, perceptive


pessimistic, malicious, manipulative, harsh, bitter, spiteful, cruel, deceitful, unforgiving

generous, caring, nurturing, homebody, good business sense, practical, comforting, welcoming, sensible, luxurious


selfish, unkempt, jealous, insecure, greedy, materialistic, gold digger, intolerant, self-absorbed, envious

confident, self-assured, passionate, determined, social, charismatic, vivacious, optimistic


demanding, vengeful, low confidence, jealous, selfish, temperamental, bully


wise, diplomatic, balance between head and heart, devoted, advisor, counsellor


overwhelmed, anxious, cold, repressed, withdrawn, manipulative, selfish

reason, authority, discipline, integrity, morality, serious, high standards, strict


irrational, dictator, oppressive, inhumane, controlling, cold, ruthless, dishonest

abundance, prosperity, security, ambitious, safe, kind, patriarchal, protective, businessman, provider, sensual, reliable


greed, materialistic, wasteful, chauvanist, poor financial decisions, gambler, exploitative, possessive

leadership, vision, big picture, taking control, daring decisions, boldness, optimism


forceful, domineering, tyrant, vicious, powerless, ineffective, weak leader